Polished Creet
The Way Your Concrete Should Be

Why Polished Concrete

Benefits of polished concrete


Why has polished concrete become so popular?




Not only is polished concrete a fraction of the cost of other surfaces, there is virtually no down time after installation and the ongoing maintenance is significantly cheaper. The insulation provided by the concrete also reduces heating and cooling costs for the lifetime of the building.




Polished concrete is remarkably long-wearing compared to other surfaces. It is extremely easy to clean, and doesn’t need frequent replacement and expensive maintenance like so many other surfaces. It is resistant to stains as well as tyre and shoe marks, which can be easily wiped away.  With proper care, polished concrete will genuinely last a lifetime.



Polished concrete is the most environmentally friendly flooring option available, and the only one that can be recycled on the job site. After the initial installation, the usual chemical cleaners, waxes and polishes are not required - making polished concrete the preferred option for those who want to live more sustainably.




Polished concrete has been compared to marble for its smooth and attractive finish. It is unique in its ability to transform old into new and beautiful, and the reflective surface even increases ambient lighting by a third to really showcase a home or business.